Many people living in MKB’s houses are active city farmers.

Since 2010 city farming has been carried out in many courtyards around Seved. MKB informs all new tenants about the Cultivation Network’s meetings and every month there are more and more people coming to our meetings. There are about 20 families, living in MKB’s houses, having their own farming plot around Seved.

At Bragegatan there are seven households cultivating in pallet collars and other plots.

At Jespersgatan there is a household cultivating in pallet collars just outside their balcony.

In the courtyard of Ystadvägen there are five city farming households. They have made a big portage, they grow in pallet collars as well as in a hot counter top during winter time.

A big family, originating from Iraq, have, with permission from MKB, removed some unattractive bushes and now they are growing tomatoes, eggplant, chilli, white beet and different herbs.

At Köpmansgatan, three households have started cultivating in pallet collars in their courtyard.