Föräldrakommunikatörerna is a part of Rosengård’s district office. It is a meeting place for parents living at Rosengård. Since January 2008 they work with individual counseling and COPE-parent education.

Föräldrakommunikatörerna contacted Odla i stan to discuss the possibility to cultivate the slightly overgrown land in front of the house, as well as to make some kind of fence against the street. Together with the Environmental office in Malmö Stad and the house owner EMF we could start the cultivation. It resulted in a green and nice place, framed by a willow fence. Due to the location of the house we hope that many people see the cultivations and get inspired to cultivate themselves.

Föräldrakommunikatörerna plays an important role in Rosengård. They are working with parents and makes it possible for them to have contact with authorities and promote cooperation between schools and adult education, as well as functioning as a linkage between the home and the school.