Horticultural engineering: cultivation

Students at the program for horticultural engineering (at SLU Alnarp) take courses in greenhouse cultivation. During 2010 and 2011 the students have grown plants for a number of city farmers at Seved. They have grown tomato plants, cucumber (crystal apple), eggplant, pepper and chili as well as different varieties of flowers. These plants have then been planted in our plots around Malmö, mainly at Seved. Since Odla i stan not yet have a greenhouse of our own this is a very profitable way of cultivation, for both parts. The students find it more meaningful to grow plants that are used even though their course is finished.

Some students are very engaged and they take part in our farming activities, although they live outside Malmö.

Autumn 2011 Course: Sustainable urban development – conduct, organisation and management LP0571

The development of the town is influenced by different actors in different areas. The consumption patterns of the civil citizen, private-owned companies and official organisations affect the development of the city. It is also influenced by laws and rules.

In this course we are looking closer at how the house owners’ and land managements’ and other actors’ influence over the city’s development. In many urban areas there is a lack of land which means that the sustainable development must go through multifunctional utilities of the land. Different types of land, land owners and land managers have different goals and abilities to contribute to a sustainable development. It is important to gain knowledge of the different participants’ interests, experiences and opinions. Methods for gaining knowledge of this are therefore a large part of the course.

During the course students will make a field trip to gain knowledge of how to create sustainable development. In week 37 2011, the city farming network in Seved is a part of this field trip. The students will meet different actors that have made it possible for the plots to exist. These actors are house owners, tenants, Odlingsnätverket Seved, environmental managers and the streets department. They will all give their view about the city farming’s expansion in the area.

The students will also do some practical work such as participate in the improvement of a courtyard by digging and planting together with the tenants and the house owner Willhem.

Odla i stan coordinates the case study: city farming at Seved.

At the Malmö Festival 2010 we cooperated with students from the landscaping engineer program at SLU Alnarp and gave workshops together.

Some students have done some extra work for Odla i stan by doing sketches etc.