Tenants’ association Herrgården

The tenants’ association recreation centre Gröningen has been active for 15 years. The recreation centre is open for youths aged seven and older. Some in the staff has been there since the beginning and they know many of the children, youths and young adults at Herrgården  in Rosengård.

During the spring of 2011 Odla i stan has started a cultivation project at Herrgården. Many of the children at the recreation centre and adults living in the area have been a part of the project. The children were allowed to whish what plants they wanted to grow and they have participated in the digging, planting, watering and taking care of the cultivation. The houseowner Bostads AB Gröningen and the trust company Newesec supported the project by removing old bushes and by exchanging the soil.

There is also a women’s association within Gröningen, with about twenty active women. They come from Iraq, Lebanon, Kurdistan and Afghanistan and do all have experience from cultivation in the home land. The women wanted to have plots close to the house, which they want to take care of. They wish to practice their knowledge about herbal medicine and household remedies.