Yallatrappan is a non-profit organisation as a social work-integrating company. Since May 2010 they have a café serving breakfast and lunch, as well as catering at von Rosens väg in Rosengård. There is also a workshop where they make and sell locally produced gifts.

The organisation started in 2006 and today Yallatrappan is a very popular lunch restaurant in Rosengård.

Since May 2010 ecological and edible food producing cultivation has taken place at Yallatrappan. Before the cultivation activities started the place was an unattractive and boring area, covered in asphalt. The cultivation started as a cooperation between MKB, Barn i stan, Yallatrappan and ABF. During the autumn and winter of 2010 the cooperation, as well as the cultivation continued.

Since the start of May 2011 Odla i stan cooperates with MKB and Yallatrappan and people living in the building where Yallatrappan is located. The aim is to develop a green oasis and a nice and welcoming café.

The kitchen of Yallatrappan uses spices, herbs and vegetables from the cultivations just outside in the cooking, and the tables are decorated with self-produced cut flowers. Children and people living in the area have all been part of the cultivations and in the same time they have learned a lot about plants and flowers.

The goal is to support and coordinate the making of a green and attractive garden, with edible plants and to form an even better meeting place for the guests at Yallatrappan, the tenants and passers-by.Yallatrappan is located in the centre of Rosengård, close to Bennets Bazaar which MKB built a couple of years ago.