Cultivation network Seved – Aug 29 Fall planning and upcoming activities

Hi all cultivators!

Malmöfestivalen was also this year a fantastic event and we want to thank everyone who participated and volunteered. The balcony show and the bi-workshop with tasting and honey from Malmö’s rooftops was a success.

Last Wednesday we harvested even some of our great squeaky potatoes from the new potato field. For those who missed it, the next opportunity to harvest potatoes will be September 12th!

On September 5, we intend to throw the last honey and do not miss the great harvest festival of Seved on September 14.

Weekly Wednesday meeting August 29 at 18:00, we plan together
autumn activities, joyn us to influence!

Do you have ideas and suggestions on what you want to do the rest of the year? Is there anything you would like to learn more about, you have a plan for new cultivation, tips on guest lecturers?

NOTE! Now there is paint the pallet collars for all EIA cultivators, come and get in the room. Do you have an eye on the watering schedule? Please contact Martina on tel. 072-1773770.

Come and join! See you at the basement Rasmusgatan 3A, entrance Jesper Way!
Very welcome!

Linnea, George and Martina
Neighborhood Gardener and coordinator for Cultivation Network Seved

Cultivation network Seved – Attend the mulch building 19/9!

After taking up the rest of all the potatoes last Wednesday we were able to enjoy a wonderful meal on Friday. Beans, beets, grilled zucchini and corn, baked potato, sautéed chard and wonderful mixed salad – most cultivated by farmers cultivation network – our harvest festival offered a wonderfully enjoyable evening with many visitors.
Thanks to all who attended and made this possible! Unfortunately, it is not overtaken by informing here, but mingling pictures coming!

Weekly Wednesday meeting on 19 September at 18:00, we will together build a larger mulch for the common culture as a partial solution for our own food supply on Seved. We will also walk around the growers and raise different questions and requests.

This weekend is a lot going on, on Saturday September 22 is the flea market on Seved and from at 12:00, Cultivation Network selling potatoes and honey and spread information about our association. On Sunday, September 23, we are also invited to the harvest festival in Drömmarnas hus in Rosengård Cultivation Network will participate. If anyone is interested and wants to be on one of these days, please contact Martina (072-1773770) or Linnea (0709-900149).

See you at the venue Rasmusgatan 3A, entrance from Jespergatan. Very welcome!